Zein da film solteen arrazoia aluminiozko profila giro-tenperaturan beltzez? Nola aurre egin?

The reason:
1 If the degreasing and cleaning are not thorough, the black film formed after blackening will fall off if it is wiped gently;
2 aktibazioa ez da ona;
3 beltz denbora luzea da;
4 dilution ratio is small, the solution content is high, and the nitrite content is high;
5 solution acidity is high; &n aluminum alloy building profile insulation profile bsp;
6 copper replacement is fast, insufficient additives;
7 olio murgiltze denbora laburra da.

1 Strengthen pre-treatment, pay attention to degreasing and cleaning;
2 After degreasing, the parts must be fully activated, not only to neutralize the residual lye on the surface, but also to activate the metal surface and increase the bonding strength between the film and the substrate;
3 reduce the blackening time,
4 to strictly dilute the formulation solution according to the formulation requirements;
5 can be neutralized with NaOH;
6 add additives;
7 extend the oil immersion time.